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We emphasize on quality

Here at Shower Faucet Guys, our emphasis has always been to provide customers with quality products and services. The wide range of quality shower faucets that we have is designed in such a manner that they are able to satisfy the needs of all our customers. If you need a complete replacement of the current shower faucets in your bathroom, contact us on 888-610-5578. If you need us to do a few repairs, you are free to call or contact us any time of the day or night.


Variety of items

The wide variety of items that we have means that Shower Faucet Guys is capable of serving the needs of all manner of customers. Whether you need the faucets as a contractor, a person who loves DIY projects, the owner of a shop that sells such items, or a homeowner, you are assured of finding exactly what you need. While at our shop, you can be sure of finding all types of products that you need for any project you are currently undertaking or plan to undertake.


Helpful staffs

We believe in providing our customers with all the help that they need. To achieve this goal, Shower Faucet Guys has endeavored to employ only the best and most helpful of personnel to serve all our customers. Whether you contact us online, through a phone or visit in person, you will have access to very helpful staff to guide you through any problem and provide you with the accurate answers, or solutions. The staffs are able to provide customers with assistance regarding how to choose the most suitable shower faucet, the best tips for installing the faucets, and many more. Our operators are available round the clock, providing 24/7 customer support services. For more assistance, contact us on 888-610-5578.

If this seems such a difficult and tedious work, call us for assistance on 888-610-5578.

Benefits of Installing New Shower Faucets

shower faucets suffer the effects of wear and tear, thus unable to work as effectively as they should. When this happens, it would be crucial that you consider replacing the damaged faucets with new ones. Ideally, the faucets should remain shut off at all times. When the faucets start dripping or leaking, replace them with newer variety. By replacing the damaged faucets, you shall reduce the wastages, thus saving not only water, but also energy and the resultant bills. If you need assistance regarding how to replace the faucets, do not hesitate to talk with us and obtain as much help as you need.

Help with Choosing Shower Faucets

Do not be afraid to ask for help regarding the choice of a new set of shower faucets. Ideally, you ought to base the choice on the configurations of the current faucets. Secondly, base the choice of faucets on your personal needs or style. When choosing the faucets, ascertain that they complement all the other fixtures within the bathroom. Most shower faucets are mounted on the wall. However, mounting them on the tub would be an excellent idea as well. Some faucets have one handle, while others have between two and three handles. If you need help to choose your preferred style, talk with us Shower Faucet Guys and we shall be more than happy to help. For a free estimate and further assistance, do not hesitate to call us on 888-610-5578.

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